Friday, July 22, 2011

The Art Of Flirting - How To Flirt With Women

We will begin with a question.Have you ever met a girl you liked, and despite your best efforts, you got stuck in the "lets just be friends" category?Do you ever wonder why this happens?Chances are it was because you did not know how to flirt properly with the woman.You should know that flirting is essential in the attraction process. If you do not do it at all or do it wrong, you may blow your chances with a woman.What is the importance of flirting?The answer is simple really; the process of flirting creates sexual tension.When there is no sexual tension within your interactions, there will be no attraction. When you do not have attraction, this places you in a different category.
You guessed it - A FRIEND!Your attraction enhances when you know how to flirt with women properly.Flirting is no big secret as many might consider, flirting is a lot of fun. Flirting does not work only if it is not done properly.Flirting with a woman is an art form. Flirting is the ability to communicate the romantic interest you have for a woman, while being subtle about the subject.This is called "mixed signals."You communicate one thing yet your words say something very different.Here are some common mistakes most guys make when flirting with girls

MISTAKE #1: They Are Way Too ObviousToo many guys get excited about the women they are attracted to, and will come out and say exactly what they are feeling. What they don't realize is that when presented with this information, the girl is then forced to make a judgment, right then and there, about how she feels about THEM.You must lay the proper groundwork ahead of time, so you can avoid rejection.

MISTAKE #2: They Aren't Obvious Enough!If you make no effort to communicate your interest, yet think the woman will just know what you feel, when you do make a move it surprises the woman, because up until that point she has no idea of your interest.

MISTAKE #3: Relying On Words Rather Than ActionsFlirting has a good deal to do with the words you use; however, non-verbal body language is a more powerful method. These are those little things such as, tilting your head, raising an eyebrow or casting a wicked little smile, since they give new meaning to otherwise innocent remarks.

MISTAKE #4: Taking Things Too SeriouslyFlirting, when done right, is light and fun. When guys try and make flirting more serious romantic gestures, the tension begins to break down.When you or the woman is not enjoying the flirting, something is wrong.We could list more mistakes; however, this should provide you with a clear picture. Do you wonder what the right way to begin flirting is?Use as much innuendo as you can while you are flirting, however the secret is in keeping it subtle.Let us say you are at a bar, for example and the woman you are with orders a drink and then asks if you would like one as well, you can jokingly say to her, You aren't trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me, are you, while adding a nod and a wink.

This communicates your interest, it's insinuating sex, but you're not coming outright and saying it. It's implied, and it's fun, and its light hearted.Another example may be, when a woman makes a sexy remark, you say to her, Stop trying to tempt me, you vixen, you know I never kiss a woman on the first date.Consider how this works.Then, as you begin to flirt more and more, you can start getting a little more obvious about your interests, while never really crossing that line.You will notice how the attraction between you and the woman begins to build. Then one day you find that a harmless bit of flirting has turned into seduction.And that is when the real fun begins.

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